Do You Get Your Days Mixed Up?

It feels like the days get mixed up. They blend in together. I go throughout the day thinking, was that today?? What day is it today? When did I do that? Mom problems, I guess.

Today my morning started by making daddy breakfast. He was in the shower a little later than usual so he got a to-go meal. A breakfast burrito. Then he was off for work.

Damian was still asleep, which is  a little unusual. So I put on some water to boil for my coffee(because I was gonna need it) and turned on the TV. The rarest of these occasions, when Lali is asleep and Damian is asleep in the morning, after daddy goes to work. I was watching one of my shows on Netflix before I hear noise in the hallway.

The TV was off in two seconds flat and I was off to greet my little guy.

He marched right out into the living room. I had him lay down to change his diaper. It is usually bursting in the morning.


*Yawn* I know that feeling.


I just recently discovered this gem. I had it right before we moved, in April. I had gone down to L.A. with my mom so she could do her taxes and we had brunch at a very well known Mexican restaurant, “El Gallo Giro”. I think I had tacos.. but we both ordered coffee. They had, “cafe de olla”. Which is a coffee that is made in a big clay pot and it has a cinnamon flavor. It was my first time trying it. It was AMAZING. I even tried to replicate it at home. Of course, I failed. I tried to brew a whole Cinnamon stick and then add instant coffee. The result was awful. It ended up tasting like a spicy, nasty, coffee-like water.

Fast-forward to a week ago. I was at Wal-Mart browsing around their isles and voila, “Cafe de Olla”. I found it! It tastes the same(Of course, with some trial and error on quantities and such). I don’t even need cream, just sugar. It is a smooth coffee. I love it. I drank two cups today.


There’s Damian on Wolfi. Riding her like a horsey.


At lunch time, I was nursing Lali on the couch, and talking to my mom on the phone. Danny was on his way. I finished nursing Lali, put her on the floor and came over to discover that Damian had scooped out all his spaghetti. Great.


Well, I just scooped out all his spaghetti and put it all on is plate again. There, I fixed it.

Messy face

Nap time went great and the babies slept long, which was good. I was busy working on a little project for Damian’s birthday party this Saturday. Pinterest is a magical place, is where I am getting all my ideas.

box people

It’s a work in progress.


We had some awesome friends over and their babies for dinner. It was such great fun. Back to more drawing/party planning tomorrow.

Goodnight, all!

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