Rainy Tuesday

Guess who still fits in the Bumbo??

Damian does! I can’t believe he still fits in that thing. He stopped fitting in it when he was six months old because he had chunky thighs. Yet, I still squeezed him in. He’s thinned out some though.

We woke to rain this morning. It was incredible. Yesterday we went out to the lake to play in the water. We even got a little toasted. I got a little dark under my eyes and nose. It looks like a slight sunburn, but brown. So no, not really like a sunburn at all. I got sun-kissed. Anyway, we wake up today to complete darkness from the clouds. Wakadoo.


Damian in the bumbo

We played and read all morning until Danny got home for lunch. Damian got a special present from Nonnie and Papa! A book for his birthday :). He was excited. Especially since he saw all the animals on the cover.

damian opening package

He sat down right away to open it up.

Damain looking at book

He likes elephants. He calls them, “fante”(Elefante in Spanish).

ElefanntMOre elefant

🙂 He thought the balloons were balls. Oh, and yes, it was a wear your pajamas all day kind of Tuesday.



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