Cherry Picking

This morning as I was drifting off and making my coffee.. around 10am, I got a text inviting us to pick cherries at a friend’s house. We gladly accepted and we were off!


The momma’s did the picking while the little boys played, and got soaked. Citlali hung out on the grass, a chicken pecked her toes. Haha.. she didn’t like that.

POol time



Damian ate them all the way home. Then some more while I got his lunch ready.

Cherry time

We had leftover spaghetti from last night’t dinner. It is one of Damian’s favorite foods. He cleaned his plate and asked for more. Do you see all the spaghetti on Damian? Yea, he’s a messy eater. Oh well, let them be little.


This is why we have a dog. She cleaned all that up in 5 seconds flat.

spaghetti on floor

At least she’s earning her keep.

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