Special Day, Picture Overload!

Today was a very special day. Damian turned two. TWO! He is such a blessing in our lives and I am so thankful to be his momma. He is a spunky, happy, little guy. Also has his grumpy moments. Damian is learning lots of things. He is a sponge. My favorite thing that he is doing lately is that when he drops something or something falls out of his hands he yells, “JUMP!”. I think it is HILARIOUS. It’s so funny how a little mind works. He also yells “jump” when he jumps. Haha.

Damian’s favorite things: Ketchup, fries, cows, horses, planes, trains, riding bikes, deer, the boat, baths, dancing, and playing catch with Wolfie. 🙂

This morning we went out to a part of the lake that allows dogs off a leash. We headed over with a group of mommies.

damian lake dog

Wolfi did really well off the leash. She didn’t run off and she played nicely with the other dogs.

dogs lake

There was a kite and it was a hit.

Damain kiddos

Damian playing in the sand. Oh, and that is not Lali. That is a sweet baby girl of a friend of ours.

Damian baby sand

Diaper party.

Damian diaper party

Fast forward to when Danny got home. We were went out for birthday dinner! Lali is set free from her straps once I set her in the booth.

Lali seat

Danny got a scramble skillet that he shared with Damian. We both shared our dinner with Damian.We always end up with so much food that it makes sense to share with him instead of getting him a whole meal to himself. Especially since he doesn’t always finish it.

Damian water

Aaaaaand…wallet time when baby girl gets fussy.


Momma got some soup and cornbread.

Vegetable soup

Daddy gets all the hugs..

damian hugDamian smilesmiles damian

There is my two-year old.


Oh, and there is that priceless look once the waitress put that piece of pie in front of him. With a candle and all.

damian sees piecandle pieblow candle

He did blow it out.. with a little help from daddy.

blowwhipped cream

Peanut butter chocolate cream pie. We should have just asked for a bowl of whipped cream with a candle in it because he mostly just scooped off the top.

piefrosting facethirsty frosting facehugs for daddyhugssLali up in airbear hug

He ate less than half of it and decided he was done. He shoved the plate signaling he was finished. No complains here, more for momma.

more piemore hugs from daddy

Afterwards we went to City Beach which was right around the corner and walked down to the pier.

damian by pier

Someone showed us the fish they caught.

Damian sees fishDamian pier lakelook at the fishDamian looking at fish

The guy fishing lent Damian his pole to see if he caught something. Damian wasn’t really interested though.

Damian reel

Our walk back to the car.

sunset perfect sun

It’s present time! We got Damian some stick ponies and he LOVED THEM. We had a Skype session with Poppa, Nonnie, and Pete. Damian rode his ponies all around the whole time. 🙂 He then went to sleep. He carried his pato and one of his ponies to his room. While I was getting his milk ready in the kitchen he must have grabbed his other stick pony because I walked in his room and they were both laying on the mattress.

Damian horsieDAmian presesntDAmian present

Today was a great day full of adventures and celebration. I love you my sweet little guy. You are growing up way too fast. I love being your momma.  Happy Birthday my honey, my love, my muffin.

“I’ll love you forever,
I’ll like you for always,
As long as I’m living,
my baby you’ll be.” ❤

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