Father’s Day Camping

Saturday we waited until the babies woke up from their naps to go camping. After they woke up we waited some more because it started POURING. The rain died down at around 6pm so we headed out. Danny had a spot in mind.

Almost there. I took this picture on the drive. It was about 15 minutes away.

Fathers day weather

Danny was on the phone trying to make a reservation but no one answered. We thought that since it was rainy not a lot of people would be camping. We pulled up and there was one spot left. Score! We lucked out on that one.

round lake signvisitor sign

It was gloomy.


I was cold. Under all the huge trees it is even colder.

temp outsidehubbyDaddy son

I bundled Lali up in her big snow suit.

Lali pillow

That suit has a hoodie and I didn’t want her sleeping in it so I changed her. I put on lots of layers because this momma was COLD. I figured the babies would be too. Lali had a long sleeve onesie, some sweater stockings, a jumper, and a fuzzy bear suit( I un-stitched the hat from this). Damian had his footsie pajamas and a long sleeve shirt and another pair of pants. I think it must have dropped into the mid 40’s. Although it was cold, It was a fun experience. Maybe next time it will be a bit more warm.

Momma and lali

In the morning we had some oatmeal by the fire. I am NOT much of a morning person. So I was kind of grumpy(you gotta give me while to wake up). Danny is used to this(love you hunny ;)) and he took us all to the lake. Oh, did I mention that everyone woke up around 5am (because that’s when the sun came up so it must be morning). Anyway, we walked over to the lake and it was beautiful. Sorry, no pictures(my phone died, and I was too grumpy to bring the camera). Danny took Damian in a backpack carrier and I took Lali in her carrier. We hiked all around the lake and it was amazing. I was sorry I didn’t take the camera, but that just means we’ll have to go again so I can take pictures. It was about 3 miles long, according to the map.

We got back to camp, packed up, and headed home. The kiddos fell asleep on the way. We were all sore yesterday. We took the day to recover and relax. It was a good day.

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