Thunder Storm!

Last night Danny got home and decided to go on a bike ride with Damian. He initially wanted to do a little fishing over at City Beach. The clouds were coming though.

mountain clouds

There they go!

danny putting damian in

And here come more clouds.

Clouds are coming

Clear mountains one minute..


..gone the next.

can't see mountains

Flash rain! Lots of thunder and lightning.

Heavy rain

*Insert cute baby picture here*  Oh, there’s that blanket. 🙂


Danny sent me a picture while they were out. They stopped at Domino’s once the rain hit them to take cover. Damian loves pizza. He says it “pita”. They only got some snacks though. Danny is obsessed with the Parmesan bites they have. He also picked up a brownie cookie thing.

Damian Dominos

This is just as they arrived. Look at the clouds change over minutes.

danny mountainmore mountaincloud mountain

Damian’s bottom was wet from the seat. I laid out all his clothes and shoes out on the living room. A mud room is going to come in handy at our new house.

damina home

The night ended with Damian running around with Wolfi. He looooves throwing the ball for her to catch. His new thing, pool noodle tug a war.

wolfi damian

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