Thank Goodness It’s Nap Time.

Did anyone else get up at 7am and walk around like a zombie for two hours before actually “waking up”? No? ..just me? I am in dire need of some caffeine. Or a nap.

I am convinced it is Fall. I have been gifted with Fall in the summertime. I hear we do get a couple of weeks with 100 degree weather during the summer here. Still waiting on that, I guess. I am currently wearing my yoga pants with a long-sleeved shirt, cuddled up with a big blanket on the couch. It is thick blanket.

Like these. They are Mexican blankets. “Echa en Mexico”.

Mexican blanket

Aaaaand, it just started raining. Okay some hot cocoa will do at this point. My toes are cold.

Earlier this morning Damian was playing with his playmobil and he shows me his cow and says, “vaca”. I said, “muy bien Damian, y como le hace la vaca?(very good Damian, and what does the cow say?”.  Then he whinnied like a horse. He used to know, I think he just forgot. So, I pulled up YouTube and put on some cows for him so he could hear them moo. Then we tried again, he nailed it! Ha.. 

Lali bear on the floor for tummy time.

The cow videos turned to goat videos, tiger videos, lion videos, funny cats, and back to cows jumping around. YouTube is crazy, if we had kept watching we would have ended up on a tutorial on how to make cheese. Probably.

Lunch time. Damian’s favorite food, ketchup. He was sticking his fingers in it and eating it by itself. He calls it “caca”.

He did so good eating all his food that I let him have some sweets. I told him I was going to give him vacas after lunch. He has little cow gummies. He ran over to the laptop immediately.. so I let him watch more cow videos while he ate his cow gummies.

Now for some much-needed mommy alone time. 🙂

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