Lali’s First Food

It was a nice day to play outside. It was kind of windy. Lali and I kept switching from the shade to the sun and back again while we watched Damian play. He was chilly in the shade, I realized when we got back in for lunch.


I always have to catch him on his way down from the slide because it is a long drop. He always hits his bum hard. Or if he slides backwards, belly down.. he bunks his head. It bounces off the slide. Yea, lots of bitter-sweet times on that slide.

damian slide

Oh hello there baby girl..

Lali grass

Here come the clouds.

Clouds s

Lali close grass

This is Lali’s first time having some real food. I put some apple slices in there. She wasn’t really motivated to keep chewing.. she lost interest after a while.

Lali appleLali mesh

After a while I sat her on the couch and gave it back to her. I don’t think she tasted the apple very much. It’s more her liking it as a teething accessory. Her second tooth will pop in any day now.

Lali couch mesh

We were off to bible study when Danny got home. Damian makes sure everyone has their shoes on before we leave(and pants). He got daddy’s sun glasses and hat.. oh, and the keys.

Damian hat glasses like daddy

He just wants to be like his daddy.

Damian ready

I can’t believe he will be 2 on Monday!

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