Wolfi Is A Menace

Yaaay, more blurry pictures. 🙂

Danny got up earlier than usual to take his accountant I forgot the name of it test. He drove out to Spokane. It is supposed be 100 questions and take four hours. It was super chilly and rainy this morning.

Damian had eggs for breakfast. Wolfi is camouflaged right by Damian. She is still learning her manners. I had to stand in front of Citlali who was on the floor so she wouldn’t get run over by her while Damian threw the ball. Anytime Wolfi doesn’t obey me I put her in her crate. She snuck into the kitchen and ate part of an onion I had chopped up. She is like a child, she knows she’s not supposed to and when I catch her she hides and puts her head down in shame. She ate the butter the other day. That was gross.

Damian wolfi stalker

Post onion eating.

Both babiesboth my babies

Lunch time.

Lunch weenie damianDamian drinks

Danny stopped by to change to go to work late in the afternoon. Damian was napping and Citlali woke up just as he got home. He gets the best giggles out of her.

Danny lali laugh

Wolfi so desperately wanted to lick Lali in the face and be in her space(Lali hates it, and I think it’s gross). I was trying to teach her not to go on the blanket. She is sneaky and brought her ball over.She kept gnawing on it and getting it close to Lali’s foot. I think she was trying to nip it(get it in her mouth). She did it twice. I don’t think she’s a danger and wants to attack Lali, but I’m telling you.. I think she wants to do it because I tell her no. Like she’s getting back at me. I say this because when I catch her licking Lali, I tell her no. Then she does it one more time before running off.  Is that insane?

Wolfi by Lali

This dog is a piece of work.

We definitely had a storm come through a little earlier. It got all dark and cloudy and the mountains vanished. It lasted about 30 minutes with crazy winds and some light rain. Now the sun is shining. 🙂 That is some good variety.


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