Hiking To Beat the Monday Blues

Today we made a quick trip to the grocery store before Danny came home for lunch. There was a cart available with a little kids car/toy. Score! The last 3 times we went they have all been taken. Which makes Damian very sad.

Danny came home for some taquitos with guacamole. Then the babies took their nap. I am usually a fan of nap time, but this nap time took foreeeeeveeerrr…! I missed them so much while they were asleep. As soon as Lali made a peep I ran over to get her.

She has the cutest after nap face I have ever seen. Soo sweet my little Lali bear.

Lali just wokeLali finger

Marks on her face from the sheets.

Lali mark on her face

She is so sensitive. Her skin turns red so easily. Can you see her tooth?

Lali cheek

Here is another attempt at documenting her tooth. The other one is close behind. They are sharp little things.

Lali tooth

Tummy time.

Lali floor

I was itching for a walk. Danny got home and we were off to a trail :).

DAnny holding Damian hands

We walked quite a bit. It was a lot for Damian. Next time we will bring the back pack carrier he can ride in. I think it was about a mile total. Lots oh uphill though. Quite a bit for a little guy. Quite a bit for this momma, I was feeling the burn a little on the uphill.

bike trail

This old chassis was on the trail. Super old, Danny pointed out that the spokes were wood!

Car along pathDAnny damian wolfie

Lali enjoying the view. She started falling asleep.

Lali in carrier

We had a good time exploring.

Lali likes the pacifier. Although, she doesn’t use it as it’s intended. I need to get her some teething toys.

Lali pacifier

We ended the night with dinner and some basketball. I am super excited for tomorrow. It is supposed to be rainy with thunderstorms. 🙂


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