Why Is It Cold?

Who cares if it’s cold in June, we like it. It was “cold/chilly” this morning. About 54 degrees is what my car told me(really windy). This is a BIG DEAL. Back in Bakersfield, in June, it is intolerable heat. This is why I am obsessed with the weather here. I didn’t know it could be this way. I thought this morning, “Wow it’s chilly”.. We are in for a RUUUDE awakening once Winter hits us. I am SUPER EXCITED for the snow( It’s not supposed to be that cold, but we’ll see). I always wanted to live somewhere where it snowed. I can honestly say that I never thought it would happen. I was just someone who stayed where I was taken. There was no reason for me to go move away by myself(when I was single). I am so happy that I am married to an adventure seeker, someone who moved me here. Someone who loves the mountains and nature. God’s creation is staring, screaming at our faces. The glory of God, we’re surrounded by it.

Danny and Damian headed out with some friends on the lake. Since it was super windy, they headed back. The canoe was sure to tip and so they went to City Beach to fish.

The clouds were low and it rained on and off throughout the day. The sun shined on and off too.

june weather rain

After the babies got up from their afternoon naps we went out to dinner to good old Taco Bell. Then we all went to City Beach to try to catch some fish before we met up with some friends for dessert.

city beach signlake view

Danny showed me some sail boats he really liked.

Danny and Damian boatdanny damian walking

Windy day out. Made sure to squeeze Lali close to keep her chubby little self warm. (It’s “Bakersfield cold”, not “North Idaho cold”). Hahaa…

me and lali smile

My honey bear.

Damian lake

Love the mountains. There were different shades of them. You could see the areas that had rain.

danny fishing3Damian eating appleDanny fishing mountains rain

We headed downtown, about 2 minute drive down. We had some homemade ice cream. It was really good. Sorry, no pictures. We headed home to put the babies to bed and finished off the night with lots of laughs with some awesome friends. What a great way to end the night!





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