Nap Time

I love nap time. Today my babies slept A LOT. No complains here. I did check up on my babies today. Lali was stuck in her crib rails. I thought about moving her. Then, I thought.. no.. she will wake up if I move her.

june1016 070

Yup, both her legs are stuck in there. BUT she is sleeping soundly. Don’t mess with what’s working!

june1016 069june1016 071june1016 072

Damian is working on sleeping on his mattress too. He is slowly transitioning to his “bed”.

june1016 073

I LOVE this fog look. It was raining today. The clouds were low on the mountain today. Love this view!

june1016 077

Danny took Damian to some shops downtown after naps. Damian slept ’til 5 today.

june1016 076june1016 074june1016 075

There they go!

june1016 079

They got back, we had dinner and it was “tiempo pa mimis ” time! This town is so great, we love it! Everything is biking distance. We love this summer weather. We love being so active and the small town feel. This vacation “feel” is awesome. I can’t believe we live here. It feels like a vacation spot. 🙂

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