Evenings Like This

Lali bear was all smiles in the evening(Thursday). She always gives you the biggest grin. The boys popped in Spirit to watch while I got dinner ready. They ate and watched and Lali played on the floor. After the movie, Danny suggested a walk.

lali bear floor2

Damian ran up the street as fast as he could. He stopped to look at the neighbors cats.

damian walkign

Danny took Lali in the carrier.

danny and lali

Wolfi came along. She is getting some lessons on walking on a leash. She tries to pull and go ahead, smelling everything around. Damian really wanted to hold the leash and walk her all by himself. She would probably just drag him around. There has been an incident already inside our old house where he grabbed the leash, she took off and he bunked his head on the table.


We walked over to the train tracks. We had to show Damian what the train runs on.

We spotted some flowers.

picking flowers

Danny is teaching Damian a very important lesson here: Ladies love flowers.

picking more flowers

damian picking flowers

I told Danny I waited for this day. From the moment Damian was born, I always wondered when he would give me a flower he picked just for me. That day was yesterday!

happy momma

I’m going to save it forever. ❤

gift from damian

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