The house is officially ours! Danny got home from work and we went out to celebrate! We got some burgers at a local spot. Our plan was to go out to eat and then cruise by The Home Depot to get some ideas on things for the house.

Damian really enjoys sitting in a booth like a big boy. The restaurant overlooked part of the lake and highway. The train made its way a couple of times and Damian jumped up and down and said, “ten! ten!”. He also pushed his face up against the wall the entire time and made sure to leave some nice smudge marks for the employees to clean later.

damian burger

Lali made sure to slurp all over daddy’s wallet and took out his debit card. I took it away and gave her the AutoZone card. I told Danny he had to be careful with her, she knew which one out of all his cards was the one with the money πŸ˜‰ .

lali carddanny drink

Home Depot time. Browsing, getting ideas. My loves all in one picture!

loves homedepot


Pinterest for the night to get more ideas. We still have to wait until July 1st to get into the house. We will get a better feel for things then, I’m sure.


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