House Closes Today!

It has been a great morning. The sun is shining but there is also a nice breeze. It is supposed to be 91 degrees today. It’s pretty cool at night, we just crack the windows. It drops down to mid 50s so the nights are tolerable without an air conditioner. The only downside to having the windows open is the train. The tracks are about half a mile from our apartment so it is LOUD when it comes through really early in the morning.

Last night Danny got home from work and biked downtown with Damian to pick up a pizza.

Damian was super sweaty from wearing his helmet. He also runs really hot. Danny said it was a cool ride, it didn’t feel like it was 95 degrees out.


I weighed Lali yesterday and she is 16.6 pounds. It’s all in her cheeks and thighs I’m telling you.

Anyway, we are scheduled to close for our house today! We just need to sign some papers and it’s ours. We still have to wait on the renters to get out to do any work on it. We might be able to put up a fence while they are there, not sure yet though. We are super excited.


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