Sunday and Lake

Saturday night Damian had a hard time falling asleep. We switched him over from his pack and play to a full-sized mattress. We just laid it on the floor for him. He was up at all hours of the night. Danny fell asleep with him for a while. Damian ended up falling asleep under his little table in his room. Citlali woke up a when there was light outside, around 4:50 AM I’m guessing. There is a neighboring cat that heard her cries and decided to sit outside our open window and meow and meow for what seemed like forever. So both Danny and I were a little out of sorts this morning, we slept in.

Danny worked on the canoe some more to make it usable as a sail boat after we ate breakfast. He did a really good job on it. I think I get used to that he is so handy that I don’t really tell him all the time that he is so amazing.

The babies took their naps and we headed out to the lake as soon as they woke up. We picked up some Subway on the way.

This is the view of where we parked. Right along the road.

June 4 canoe lake 006June 4 canoe lake 005

Damian is ready.

June 4 canoe lake 008June 4 canoe lake 009

This is Fisherman’s Island. It took Danny about 20 minutes to row us out.

June 4 canoe lake 007

Lali bear was snuggled really close to me in her carrier. I love this hat. It goes with everything and is perfect for summer. Especially since she doesn’t have much hair, she won’t get sunburned.

June 4 canoe lake 028

Damian was getting busy throwing rocks.

June 4 canoe lake 018

Danny got out his pole to try his luck fishing.

June 4 canoe lake 011June 4 canoe lake 017

He’s got one!

June 4 canoe lake 022

There it is.

June 4 canoe lake 031

June 4 canoe lake 033

Catch and release!

June 4 canoe lake 034June 4 canoe lake 036June 4 canoe lake 035

June 4 canoe lake 037June 4 canoe lake 005

Time to go home. It was about bed time and we(Danny) still had to row out to shore. I told him he was going to be swoll from all that rowing.

Damian was ready to go. His shorts were all wet. It was not that hot out, about 86 degrees. Anyway, it was about 75 degrees on the way home.

June 4 canoe lake 046

There was a hatched egg on the island. We are thinking Canadian geese maybe? Or a duck.n m,

June 4 canoe lake 047

We were craving some caffeine on the way home and stopped at Starbucks. They were closed. They close at 8:00 PM. I’m not going to say I was shocked because most businesses in town are closed on Sunday or they close like at 3:00 P.M. but it was unusual to think that a major chain establishment would be closed.

We did get to see a deer by the parking lot. We probably look like tourists taking pictures of deer. Haha. It is still very exciting to see them though!

June 4 canoe lake 050

We got home and put the babies to bed. They were worn out from all of our adventuring. 🙂



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