We are loving Saturday! This morning we went out for a quick breakfast and then I split off with Citlali to go on a walk date with a friend. We went out to City Beach and enjoyed the nice weather. Danny & Damian went to Home Depot to do some manly things.

Things we love today. MaraNatha Dark Chocolate Almond Butter. I could eat this by the spoonful. Mmm..

Damian liked it very much. I coated his apple slices with it. Just a tad.

Guess what this project is??! Danny had an idea, and he made a sail for our canoe!

We got a special visit from Danny’s uncle, aunt, and cousins from Montana. They took us out for dinner. Damian looooved his great uncle. He was playing hide and seek and calling them Papá & Nana!

Afterwards we were invited to a dog park and we swung by the house to pick up Wolfi. It was a beautiful little part of the lake.

There’s our friend’s dog Ridge saying hello to Wolfi.

Damian loved the slide.

We will be coming back here. Possibly to fish and let Wolfi and Damian run around. They also have BBQ areas. It’s so close to our home, about 5 minutes from town.

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