Mom Brain

I just tried to open the door of our apartment by pointing my car keys at it and pushing the unlock button (it’s not the first time I have done this). I realized my mistake when nothing happened. Someone should really design something like that. My hands were full with the baby and groceries, etc. It would be a genius idea. A house key that swings open when you hit the unlock button..haha. It might be dangerous though.

It is a beautiful 78 degrees here today. Damian woke up at 5:00 AM because the sun rises at about 4:47 AM(side note: its been setting at 8:41 PM). That was fun. We are looking into getting some dark curtains or putting foil up( foil is kind of tacky though). The babies and I took a mid morning nap and we are all recovered from getting up so early. Citlali fought the nap but eventually she caved and fell asleep.

Damian probably won’t go back to sleep since he went down at around 9:00 AM (I’m guessing) and woke up twenty ’til noon. We took advantage of the nap shifting to go to the grocery store after Danny came home for lunch. He looks so handsome if I do say so myself(sorry no pics, maybe later tonight). He is growing in his facial hair since his work up here is a little more relaxed about that sort of thing. I approve.

This is outside the grocery store. He always points to it so I let him ride it. It was clearly very exciting.


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