Headband Shenanigans

This morning we woke up to rain. I love the rain. It was just drizzling. It actually has been on and off all morning.

Got to love those hand me downs for Lali. Everyone thinks she’s a boy when I don’t dress her in pink or purple or when she doesn’t have a headband. Her little wispy hair is growing in though πŸ™‚

damian lali

I took advantage of the weather to put on Lali’s adorable outfit.

lali rain3lali rain

Damian wanted some of that headband action, so I put one on him. He just wants to be like Lali. I should order him a matching rain cloud outfit.


damian bow2

Then I tied it bandanna like. Then he proceeded to take all the bows and headbands out of the bag and spread them all around. You know, just like toddlers like to do.

damian bandana

Photo shoooooot!

damian lalicouchdamina lali choke hold

Okay momma, no more!

Damian lali mad


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