Memorial Day..

Yesterday I woke up with a little stomach bug. Maybe it was that I ate some of the chips that we took hiking yesterday off the ground. Maybe not…ha. It didn’t last very long.. it was over before noon. Any who, It was a relaxing day. We had brunch and hung out for a bit, the babies took their naps. Danny went to look at someone selling their canoe and he bought it! It was a good deal! Plus, the memories you make with adventures, priceless!




Danny got a dinner together for a boys night out on the lake. Lali and I stayed behind for a quiet night in. Look at those thunder thighs. I gave her a baby massage, she seemed to enjoy it.


Danny sent me a lot of pictures.

damian canoe2damian canoe



Damian liked throwing rocks into the lake.

canoefiredamian firecanoefires

damian eatingcanoefish


Hope you guys had a great Memorial Day! Next time Lali and I are coming along on the canoe!



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