I’ve Moved…

I decided to change to WordPress. It’s a little more user-friendly. You can view my very first posts here. It is from the first weeks here in Idaho.

Yesterday we went hiking. It was in Kootenai Falls MT, about an hour and twenty minutes away.  We had a late start. We left around 5:30pm but figured it was okay since the sun sets at 8:30pm we would have plenty on sunlight. Actually, the sun set at 9:30pm there because of the time change.

hiking4hiking 3

“Damian, give me your smile!” Proceeds to put hands up to his face. We are still working on giving smiles. 🙂


Lali enjoyed the view. I love that she peeks out like that, it’s so cute!

hiking5hiking6hiking 7hiking8hiking 9

This picture does not do the real thing justice. The rapids were LOUD and crazy intense. If you fall in there, you probably don’t get out alive. Lucky if you do. So I was instant momma bear and declared no one go near the edges. With the babies especially. Danny did check it out though, just to see.


If you can tell from the picture, there seems to be a little island in the middle. Danny said he wondered if anyone has ever gotten to it before. I highly doubt it, but who knows! Maybe the current isn’t so crazy all the time.


My loves. Damian didn’t really know what to make of things.


Danny was brave enough to cross the hanging bridge. It holds a 5 person maximum at a time. I was a chicken and stayed behind with the babies. Danny is at the very end, if you can spot him.


There he is on his way back.


Getting ready to eat dinner. Danny brought all our camping stuff. Love it when he makes dinner 😉


Last but not least, my little Lali bear.


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